Jericho’s Green Health Routes include a neighbourhood walk along Walton Street where the cafes spill onto the pavements in warm weather, and a stroll around the quiet streets of residential Jericho. Our suggested routes start at Observatory Medical Practice. For the times of local group walks in Jericho click here.

Get to know your green spaces

Port Meadow

This historical meadow extends all the way from Jericho to Wolvercote. If visiting in spring or summer you may be able to spot wildflowers such as the bright yellow bird’s foot trefoil and buttercups, as well as white clover. Horses and cattle can often be seen grazing in the meadow.

Canal walk

Route 3 (purple) offers a calm and relaxing walk along the Oxford Canal, where you can take in nature and watch the boats. 

Neighbourhood walk

Route 1 (pink) is a neighbourhood walk through Walton Street. Along the way are local landmarks such as St Margaret’s Church. Walton Street has many small cafes to stop and refuel.

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