Complete the short form below to register your healthcare site as a member of the NHS Forest network. If you are the contact for more than one site (e.g. numerous sites within one trust or health board), please complete a separate form for each site. The information you provide will contribute to your NHS Forest site profile on our website. We have over 330 healthcare sites registered as part of the NHS Forest, so do check our map to see if your site is already a member.

Your contact name, email address and job title will be available on the NHS Forest website on your dedicated profile page. Your phone number will be kept in our records in compliance with GDPR and will not be publicly shared on the website. As an NHS Forest contact, you consent to receiving relevant communications from us about the network and your site.

If you would prefer not to share your name and contact details publicly on the website, please let us know at

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The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare likes to share the latest news and information about the NHS Forest project with members of the NHS Forest network. We ensure that any information is relevant and useful. We promise to keep your data safe.

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    There are more ways you can get involved with the NHS Forest and support green space for health.