The NHS Forest is about so much more than trees.

Our network of over 320 healthcare sites have created occupational therapy gardens, staff allotments, productive orchards, mini (and not so mini) meadows, outdoor gyms, rooftop terraces, wildlife-filled ponds, bee borders, and much, much more.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to green your site, we’ve got plenty of ideas, case studies and resources to start you off. We’ve also shared stories on how sites in our network have encouraged patients, staff and community groups to engage with nature, through outdoor workplace wellbeing, therapy gardens and on-site rangers.

The NHS Forest has been working with healthcare sites to expand and enhance their green spaces since 2009 – from thriving woodlands to compact urban courtyards; from large district hospitals to GP surgeries – and we understand that every site has unique features, challenges and requirements.

Have a browse through our ideas below, or view our full list of resources here.