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Volunteer, intern and elective student placements

CSH has regular intakes of volunteers, interns and elective students who contribute to and develop our work in a number of ways. The descriptions and specifications for each experience is detailed below; click here to see the dates of our upcoming intakes.

To apply, please email, and include a short note with your background, specific project interests and skills, and dates that you are available.


Volunteers have joined from around the world, some for a few months and others for several years. Some have volunteered alongside a regular job, or in retirement. If you would like to help our work, we ask for a minimum commitment of eight hours per week for six months or four days per week for a period of four weeks.  

We have unique opportunities for volunteers: 

Internships and electives

Students and recent graduates are invited to learn about sustainability and healthcare as interns or elective students.  These experiences are full-time for a period of four to eight weeks, which allows for intensive and focused work enhancing the impact of our sustainability programmes or the opportunity to engage on multiple programmes.

Read our recent interns and elective student placement experiences here.

Banner photo: Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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