The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare developed a walking map of Blackbird Leys, in southeast Oxford. This is a great resource for community members and visitors to enjoy the neighbourhood and the green spaces it has to offer. Our suggested routes start at Leys Community Church or at Leys Health Centre, and the map also shows cafes and social centres. Check here for the times of local group walks.

Get to know your green spaces

Spindleberry Nature Park

This biodiverse nature park comprises grasslands, woodlands and wetlands. Here you can see spindleberry plants with their bright red berries and autumn foliage, and keep an eye out for wildlife such as electric blue kingfishers and the tiny muntjac deer.

Fry’s Hill Park

This park offers outdoor gym equipment, a children’s playground and pleasant walking routes.

Gillian’s Park

This open green space also offers outdoor gym equipment and a playground.

Blackbird Leys Park

This is not just a beautiful park – this nine-hectare green space also has plenty to do. As well as heading out on a walk, you can play football, bowls, or table tennis, all while enjoying the local wildlife.

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