Homerton is one of our two newer Nature Recovery Ranger sites, with funding provided in 2022 by the North East London Health and Care Partnership, including a contribution from the Greater London Authority. Our Nature Recovery Ranger, Naomi, is busy engaging with different user groups and scoping opportunities for the development of green space initiatives within the hospital.

Naomi has worked with the Diabetes Unit to introduce an allotment space for use in patient care, post-care support and the encouragement of healthy behaviours, and with the Maternity Unit to open peaceful garden courtyards for new mums and their babies.

An important element of Naomi’s role is to work with project teams and landscape architects to develop ambitious plans to re-imagine the green spaces reaching beyond the hospital. The aim is to secure funding to create interactive green spaces to support physical and mental wellbeing for patients and the wider community, including gardens for reflection, community orchards and vegetable patches.

Homerton Hospital is located in Hackney, East London, and benefits from very close links with the surrounding community. Naomi’s work aims to expand and strengthen these links, providing a healthier environment and greater opportunities for interaction with nature.

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