In 2012, the NHS Forest conference saw the launch of a partnership between the NHS Forest, Incredible Edible Todmorden and Todmorden Ambulance Services. Todmorden Health Centre has planted fruit trees, fruit bushes and an apothecary garden. It is also part of a health walk which takes in much of the local Incredible Edible planting. The aim is that GPs can refer their patients to help maintain the gardens and use the health walk.


There were also opportunities for staff from new potential NHS Forest sites to discuss how to get involved with the NHS Forest, raise money for it and get the community engaged.

NHS Forest Awards

Pam Warhurst, CBE, Chair of the Forestry Commission and founder of Incredible Edible Todmorden presented the NHS Forest Awards. The winners this year were:

“Working together around local food is the most positive, inspiring way I know for each of us to show we can do something to help ourselves and our communities. At Incredible Edible we grow in public spaces, share new skills and support local businesses. This partnership with the NHS Forest and Ambulance Services is a fantastic way of creating healthy edible landscapes right in the heart of our towns. Eating local fruit in an orchard we planted ourselves. What a perfect prescription for health.”

– Pam Warhurst, CBE

“The NHS Forest is a truly inspirational project that enables the NHS to provide a sustainable future in and outside of its properties, working with communities to promote the health benefits of trees as well as the benefit of having food sources available to all in the future. The Ambulance Services across Britain are proud to be involved with this initiative and are keen to continue planting across the country under the NHS Forest banner.” – Alexis Keech, Environmental and Sustainability Manager at Yorkshire Ambulance Service

“The NHS Forest conference was a great chance for us to share and learn about a host of wonderful initiatives linked to the NHS Forest project. I came away inspired by Incredible Edible to ensure some more fruit trees would be planted on our site and by the Great Outdoor Gym company to try to ensure more exercise facilities are available across the county – next to the trees! The NHS Forest is a way of promoting by one joined up approach many of the most vital issues for our long-term health: food production, air quality, biodiversity, carbon reduction, flood resilience, community engagement and better mental health. I can think of no better way for the NHS to demonstrate it has embraced the concept of sustainable development.” – Dr Caroline Jessel, Medical Advisor and Sustainability Lead for Kent and Medway NHS Trust

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