Who runs the NHS Forest?

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare coordinates the NHS Forest.

The NHS Forest was developed by a collaboration of many partners from environment and health. The governance and coordination of the project is by The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is a charity at the interface between health and sustainability. Spurred by concern for the impact of climate change on people's wellbeing and the environment, CSH works to inspire and support the NHS to cut its levels of carbon pollution and to become more sustainable. CSH's main programmes include:

1) The Green Nephrology Programme 2)The NHS Forest Project 3) Sustainable Healthcare Education and a 4) Mental Health Programme.

We are very grateful to The Forestry Commission (FC) and Natural England for their funding of the pilot phase.

Since 2012 we have received generous tree sponsorship from the Great Outdoor Gym Company who sponsor a tree for every piece of gym equipment sold www.tgogc.com.

There are many forms of support apart from financial, and many NHS sites and other organisations have supported us with their time, interest and ideas. We have benefitted from partnership on funding bids and offers of land or trees. We have received, and continue to enjoy, huge help from Martin Boiling, a volunteer who came to the project via the Woodland Trust, and we welcome further volunteers to help us centrally.

While there is a long, and growing, list of project partners, all of whom we hope to engage in the NHS Forest over the years, the main delivery partners to date have been The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, who have also worked closely with us to develop the Guidance Pack, and the Wildlife Trusts who have been instrumental in working on our Outer Space project site in Coventry.

But our role at the centre is only a very small part of the Forest. It is the healthcare sites all around the country, with inspired ideas for transforming their grounds, that make The NHS Forest a success. From a tiny urban plot to extensive rural areas, every healthcare organisation can be involved. 

Our Delivery Partners

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