What we do

The NHS Forest works with healthcare professionals and organisations to make green spaces available for health purposes. We carry out practical work on the empirical links between health and the environment. 

Our range of programmes seeks to inspire healthcare professionals to use green space to improve patients lifestyles and aid recovery processes. 

Our programmes include:

NHS Forest: Planting the NHS Forest- since 2009 150 NHS sites have collectively planted thousands of trees on NHS land, enabling more people to access green spaces whilst at hospital. 

Green Health Routes: Working with GP practices and other community partners, such as schools and care homes, our Green Health Routes provide walking routes through local green areas to promote community health. 

NHS Forest Conference: This annual conference brings together professionals from the healthcare and environmental sectors to discuss, learn and plan around certain themes. 

Workplace wellbeing: Our workplace wellbeing programme enables NHS trusts to support their staff to use green space to improve their wellbeing at work.  

Sustainability and Evidence: Compiling an evidence base for the impact of nature on health- there is a rich evidence base summarised on our Sustainability and Evidence page.

Influencing policy: Influencing decision making around the use of the green space and health- we work with NHS Trusts, CCGs, NHS England and other sustainbility and health charities to shape the debate around using green space for health purposes. 

Green Space and Health Consultancy: We work with local authorities, the charitable sector and research organisations providing expert advice in research, case study creation and project ideas. We have a unique place in the interface between health and greenspace and can use our 10 years experience across a wide range of projects.