Before we can supply your trees there are a few bits of essential information we need to know. Our trees are provided through Defra and for their records they want to know where the trees are going to be planted. This guide should help you supply everything we need. Once this is done, we will process your order.

1. Grid Reference 
Use to find the grid reference or the latitude and longitude for the middle of your planting zone. For example, I plan to put a row of trees parallel to the footpath, therefore my grid reference is TL999258 which is roughly the middle of the satellite picture below. 

2. Map of planting area
This can be a screenshot of a Google map, as above, or a similarly detailed map format. To help us understand your project please include an X at the point where you took your photographic evidence (see point 3). Arrows can help indicate the direction the photo is taken in.

3. Photographic evidence. Please submit at least one photo of the planting area, but the more photographs the better. Please remember we have never been to this site and need to be clear about the planting location. A couple of photographs can give us all the information we need. Please note Google Maps Street View is not suitable for this. The following photos are taken from all the spots marked with pink crosses in the image above. To give you an example of what we need, the first photo I have taken captures the whole length of the planting area.

The second and third photo are taken from either end of the planting area to give some perspective. In both pictures there are landmarks such as the footpath, significant trees, a way marker, a fence. Once I have done my tree planting I can go back to this area and take follow up photos with the same landmarks in.

Example of photographic evidence for tree planting
Example of photographic evidence for tree planting