Thickthorn Wood is a swathe of ancient woodland to the west of Ashow in Warwickshire. Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, it used to be part of the Stoneleigh estate, and is now owned by orthopaedic surgeon Marcus Green. The woodland has bluebells in the spring and a range of indigenous trees including some rather spectacular sweet chestnut and oak trees. It is used by local residents for cycling, walking and jogging as an oval path runs around it.

Thickthorn Wood bluebells
Thickthorn Wood bluebells. All rights reserved.
Thickthorn Wood in the snow
Thickthorn Wood in the snow. All rights reserved.

There are plans to plant between 7,000 and 10,000 trees and to run research forestry projects here. As Thickthorn Wood is part of the NHS Forest, there is the possibility to run therapeutic projects there too. For the time being however, the main function of this beautiful woodland is to be a place of rest, respite and ecotherapy for anyone who wishes to walk, cycle or jog there.

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