We are an East London GP practice moving into a new site towards the end of the year. We feel strongly about the climate emergency and making this new site as green as possible.

On average across the UK, 88% of addresses have access to private outdoor space. Discounting the City of London (houses only a very small population), our borough (Tower Hamlets) is the local authority with the least garden access, with 60% of houses having garden access.

The Aberfeldy practice is situated between the A12 and A13, a locality with extremely high pollution levels which has a very palpable negative impact on our patients health and well- being. Reduced access to green spaces alongside elevated pollution levels motivate us even more to create a well-being space for our patients.

Our vision statement:
Improving the health and wellbeing of our patients has been the driving motivation of our practice for over twenty years.

The climate emergency is a health emergency and we endeavor to work together in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way for our local community and beyond.

Our growing practice team strives to provide high quality clinical care to our community and we have a wide range of colleagues working with us to try to achieve this aim. Our vision extends to the future too, developing our current team and training health professions for the next generation.

The move to new purpose-built premises in late 2022 will significant help us expand work with partner in the community and social care to deliver an even larger comprehensive range of health and well being care to improve the lives and opportunities of our community.

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