Frithwood Surgery

Frithwood surgery is a GP surgery near to Stroud. They joined the NHS Forest in 2013 when they planted fruit trees on their estate and created the first NHS Forest health walk to involve patients, staff and members of the local community in healthy activities.

The NHS Forest site at Frithwood Surgery celebrated the planting of trees with a health walk on the 15th May 2013.

Healthcare practitioners from Frithwood Surgery have created greenspace and designed a health walk from the GP surgery through the village demonstrating the practice’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of their staff, patients and the local community.

The GP and Practice Nurse and Frithwood Surgery, Gloucestershire, were highly motivated to create greenspace adjacent to the survey and run a series of health walks. They saw this as an opportunity to “engage with this community spirit and use our position as the clinical team to demonstrate the connection between green space and health.”

In order to achieve their objectives the GP and Practice Nurse established a number of links with other stakeholders, including an initial meeting with the NHS Forest (a national healthcare greenspace project), the Patient Participation Group (PPG), the parish council, local Scouts, and nearby businesses to encourage them to be involved and support their plans. The PPG group was instrumental in providing financial assistance to the development of the project and this case illustrates this is a key organisation to involve for the success of such projects. An evening event was organised by the GP with the local scouts group who were instrumental in putting the markers around the health route.

The practitioners involved were driven by personal values and experiences, and a desire to get involved in a community oriented project outside of their everyday responsibilities. These individuals played an important creative entrepreneurial role in the delivery of the project. Additional reputational benefit was accrued for the surgery as is was seen as a valued community service, and community members will be able access some fresh fruit in the future


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