There are health, social, environmental and financial advantages to becoming part of the NHS Forest:




Access to greenspace, particularly including trees, reduces cortisol (stress) levels,  increases physical activity and speeds recovery if you have been ill.  The NHS Forest makes the simple connection between health and the environment.




The NHS Forest provides a chance to engage patients, staff, visitors and the wider community together in a positive, inclusive and very tangible project.




The NHS Forest is an easy way to encourage people inside healthcare organisations to look outside their windows and begin to connect to their immediate environment, leading on to understanding of, and engagement with, wider environmental issues, in particular climate change.




Planting trees and making healthcare organisations greener, physically nicer places can save money.  Not only are maintenance costs often reduced , but staff morale is improved, patients recover more quickly and are therefore using fewer resources In the longer term, communities who have better access to greenspace stay physically and mentally healthier.

There exists significant research evidence which backs up the case that the NHS Forest will help sites to realise the following proven benefits.