The NHS Forest volunteer matching service is designed to help healthcare sites find volunteers who can specifically support with green space and nature projects. Sites can register their requirements on the NHS Forest website. Volunteers will then contact you directly to make arrangements. NHS Forest can support with advice and best practice, but you remain in charge of the process. Healthcare sites will be responsible for all health and safety and safeguarding.

Opportunity Submission

Who is the volunteering opportunity for?
Who should we contact in case we need more information?
We need an email address in case we need to contact somebody regarding the volunteering opportunity
Write a brief headline for the volunteering opportunity (250 character limit).
Please select the type of opportunity from the drop-down menu.
Please tell us what fitness levels volunteers might need to carry out the work. Low means gentle activity that could be done by someone with reduced mobility. Medium means some light lifting and reasonable mobility required. High means heavy lifting and good mobility required.
This is useful information for volunteers from organisations who might be able to mobilise larger teams to help you.
Tell us briefly about the opportunity.
We need to know your region so we can match you up with relevant volunteers in your area.
This could be a specific date or range of days. Please use dd/mm/yy format.
Let us know start and end times. Please specify am or pm.
This should be the address at which the volunteering opportunity will take place. We need to know this so we can show it on a map.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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