Southmead Hospital

Southmead hospital is a major NHS hospital, part of North Bristol NHS Trust and is situated in the North of Bristol. Specialist services at Southmead Hospital include urology, renal medicine and transplantation, infectious diseases, neonatal medicine, maternity, orthopaedic services and pathology.

Southmead Hospital has been undergoing a transformation as a new super hospital was constructed, opening in May 2014.  Phase 2 of the development concludes in May 2016 and as part of this an enormous quantity of shrubs and trees (and green roofs, wetlands and meadows) have been planted (700-1000 overall as part of the total re-development).  Trees planted range from saplings to semi-mature trees and include a range of native and non-native species and even a number of apple and pear varieties.

The hospital is working with Avon Wildlife Trust to see how they can develop the site as a ‘My Wild Hospital’ site. Their surveys have identified areas for enhancement including measures to encourage biodiversity e.g. bird and bat boxes, log piles, insect/invertebrate hotels, pollen-rich planting and bird feeders.  The hospital plans to develop an action plan to bring these to fruition for the benefit of wildlife, their staff, patients, visitors and the local community.

The hospital took part in planting 2 trees @2pm on NHS Sustainability Day 2016.

As of 2017 Southmead Hospital has a variety of wildlife features at their site including their wildflower meadows, ponds and orchard. A roof top herb garden has also been developed with herbs being used in patient meals. The lavender that is grown on the site is sold with profits reinvested into sustainability projects at the hospital. They have created allotments for staff and patients next year. Lunchtime walks are held every Monday for staff and there is also the possibility of small parcels of land being used by staff to plant wildflower meadows.

In 2019 Southmead hospital planted a further 64 trees, sponsored by the Great Outdoor Gym Compay. 

2020 saw the launch of the Southmead Explorer map on NHS Sustainability Daywhich has been distributed and is being promoted to staff as a means of exploring our green spaces at the main hospital site and using these spaces for relaxation or exercise.

In 2021, North Bristol NHS Trust took part in planting 200 Ecosia sponsored trees at the Trym Valley greenspace near to the hospital. The trees (including rare Black Poplar) will help stabilise the river banks and reduce the risk of erosion during periods of rainfall and higher river flows

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