Plant 2 trees at 2 o'clock for NHS sustainability day 2018

Sustainability day 2018 is coming up! Just as we're hoping for spring and some glimpses of sun, this is a great opportunity to join colleagues across the country to improve NHS greenspaces around the UK. Every year on NHS Sustainability day we encourage our NHS Forest sites to plant two trees at 2pm, somewhere prominent on their site. Have a look at some past success stories here, here or here!

This year NHS Sustainability day is on the 22nd of March. Lots of events and actions to improve the sustainability of hospitals and healthcare sites are taking place. Do get involved this year and plant 2 trees @ 2pm to celebrate the day.

Let people know that you're taking part! We've got a poster (downloadable below) - make sure to add where you've planted the trees so people can find them!  Tweet about it using the hashtag @dayforaction and #nhsforest

And...take pictures. Email us to let me know that you've done it so we can gather all the evidence:

If you are keen to get involved- have a look at this advice from last year's 2 @2 on how to plant those two lovely trees:

Native trees is the way to go. Native species are adapted to our conditions, support our ecosystems and biodiversity, and by and large give the best impact for your efforts.

If you're thinking of fruit trees, you could do a lot worse than speak to our friends at the Brogdale Fruit Collection. They can provide heritage fruit varieties and advise on their care and nurture.

How to plant a tree? Brown bit in the ground, green bit in the air. OK slightly more technical than that but you get the general idea. If you're struggling then your local Wildlife Trust, Conservation Volunteers, or Groundwork can probably help. If all else fails drop me a line.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes!