NHS Staff Take Climate Action

We’re asking NHS staff to take climate action by planting more trees on NHS land. Trees lock up carbon, improve air quality and provide vital shade. The UK Committee on Climate Change has said we need to plant 30,000 hectares of woodland a year. Meeting this huge challenge with more trees in urban areas will make towns and cities better, healthier places to live. For the last decade we’ve been planting trees on NHS land for the benefit of patients, staff and communities. Our goal is to plant one for every NHS staff member. Help us grow more!

To become an NHS Forest Champion:

Take one of the actions below and support the NHS Forest in responding to the climate emergency! (Use our hashtag #NHSForestClimateAction )


  • Sponsor a tree in the NHS Forest here
  • Take action to plant trees at your health site. Start by identifying space where new trees could flourish. Get in touch with your Estates staff to talk about what could be done and where. Once you have planting plans agreed, contact us for saplings. 
  • Join our social media campaign. Use our electronic picture frame here or write your own message on a piece of paper and take a picture of yourself standing in a spot at your health site where you would like to see more trees planted. Be inventive! Strike a tree pose! Don't forget to tweet it @nhsforest using the hashtag #NHSForestClimateAction. 

Do contact the NHS Forest team. We look forward to hearing from you!

We would love your support year round to plant more trees for the NHS Forest. Here are some key events that your hospital can use to promote tree planting. Those that are run outside the tree planting season (beginning of November to end of March yearly) can be used to mobilise support and demonstrate commitment towards sustainability.

Calendar of Events:

  • National Tree Week (run by the Tree Council): 23rd November to 1st December 2019
  • Sustainability Day (previously NHS Sustainability Day): March 2020
  • Earth Day: Wednesday 22nd April 2020
  • World Environment day: 5th June 2020