Urban tree planting champions Trees for Cities celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2018, and plan to mark this by planting more trees in more UK cities than ever before. The organisation is looking for sites to plant whips (young trees) to create urban woodland habitat and hedgerows, and would love to hear from NHS land owners who have large tracts of land, ideally greater than 0.5 hectares, available for planting.  

With an ambitious target to plant 150,000 trees, this is an exciting opportunity to become part of a network that will make our hospitals greener, healthier and happier places to be. Trees for Cities’ planting projects engage local communities to create valuable green spaces that they can use for exercise, socialising and relaxation.

Working with NHS partners, the organisation will engage hospital staff, patients and local residents as volunteers to help plant and care for the trees, building local ownership and pride in making a positive difference to the places that people live, work and play.

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