We have joined Wildlife and Countryside Link, Earth Trust, Intelligent Health, NPC, The Wildlife Trusts and UK Health Alliance on Climate Change in writing to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Steve Barclay with a range of achievable actions to help people thrive through access to nature.

From reducing stress to preventing and improving a whole range of physical conditions, being in nature gives our health a massive boost. Unfortunately, millions of people still don’t have access to nature near home. Furthermore, there is significant evidence that disadvantaged groups gain the most health benefit from improved access to nature.

Improving access to nature could make our communities better places to live and save up to £200bn for the NHS.

This is an ambitious goal that requires ambitious thinking, but we believe that addressing the following key areas is both necessary and achievable:

To learn more about what we suggested to the Secretary of State and how we can start to achieve this goal, read the full letter.

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