You can’t see the wood for the trees at a Birmingham hospital that is piloting a new NHS Forest scheme.

Northfield’s Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, known locally as The Woodlands, is taking part in a project to plant a tree for every health worker in the NHS. Coordinated by the charity Campaign for Greener Health (now the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare), 1.3 million trees will be planted nationally to increase the amount of green spaces at health trusts.

Penny Venables, the hospital’s chief executive, said, “We aim to play our part by expanding our collection of mature trees by 800. That is one for every member of staff working here. We are also encouraging our staff to plant trees at home, perhaps to commemorate a special occasion such as a birth in the family, which will help us to reach our target.”

Voluntary groups, schools and gardeners, including pupils from Northfield Manor School, are offering a helping hand.

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