NHS staff and volunteers plant trees in Maidstone
NHS staff and volunteers plant trees in Maidstone. Photo: Mick Gell. All rights reserved.

Staff from NHS trusts across Kent and Medway donned wellies to plant trees in the largest NHS Forest site in the country.

Family, friends and dogs accompanied the staff for the planting day at the new area of woodland at West Farleigh in Maidstone. The woodland is being planted as part of the NHS Forest. With 3,700 trees now planted at the site, the Maidstone woodland has been named as the largest NHS Forest site in the country.

The project is being managed locally by Dr Caroline Jessel, Medical Adviser and Sustainability Lead for NHS Kent and Medway. It’s also supported by gardener, writer and television presenter Sarah Raven.

“The project is a fantastic opportunity to enhance not only the environment but health, too. The staff attending our first planting day were keen to get digging and plant their own trees. They brought their families, friends and even dogs, and it was a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as well as to do something which will make a difference for future generations.”

– Dr Jessel

The Kent and Medway NHS Forest site is at Dandelion Time, West Farleigh, a charity providing therapeutic support to troubled children and families in a beautiful farm environment. A large field is being developed into permanent woodland for the benefit of the children and the local community.

“This is a wonderful project which will encourage people to plant trees that will provide a living legacy for future generations. Dandelion Time does some fantastic work, introducing children and families to a rural lifestyle many of them didn’t know existed. They grow vegetables, farm animals, and get great therapeutic value from nature. This woodland will only enhance that work, and encourage NHS staff to get involved with nature. I’m passionate about nature, which is why I’m totally supportive of this project.”

– Sarah Raven

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