Tree planting at Countess of Cheshire Country Park, 2013
Tree planting at Countess of Cheshire Country Park, 2013. All rights reserved.

Capita CMS has sponsored 35 trees which have been planted at the Countess of Cheshire Country Park. The trees were planted on the Countess Health Park, and all have burst into bud already.

The Countess of Cheshire Country Park has so far planted over 2,000 trees as part of the NHS Forest project.

John Church, Chairman of NHS Western Cheshire which provided some of the funding for the 2,000 trees, said, “This is an excellent project and each of the three NHS trusts on the health park are very supportive partners. It is also wonderful to be part of the national NHS Forest campaign.

Working together with NHS trusts and the local community we are well on our way to planting around 4,500 trees – one for each member of staff we have at the health park.”

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