The allotment group is run as part of the services offered by the University of Nottingham Health Service (GP surgery) and is open to all patients registered with the practice. The site where the group is run is open to anyone who visits campus and there are plans for the residential experience team (who look after students staying in halls) to use the site to run some of their events. We hope to expand the use of the allotment site widely so as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature.

We try to be as sustainable as possible and always use currently available resources before buying anything new. This includes using old clothes to make plant ties, old shower poufs as netting, sticks from around campus as plant supports and food trays as saucers for our plants.

The majority of the large and easily processed produce that we grow is donated to the Guru Nanak mission in Nottingham that provides home cooked meals for those in need in the city centre twice a week.

The smaller produce items are used by the allotment group members or left in the staff room for staff to add healthy additions of freshly picked cherry tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce to their lunch.

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