Medway NHS Foundation Trust marked NHS Sustainability Day of Action on 28 March 2012 by planting trees at Medway Maritime Hospital. The trust’s Carbon Champions – volunteers who act as a source of environmental information for colleagues – helped plant two apple trees and two cob trees.

A Marjorie’s Seedling plum tree and a silver birch tree will also be planted in the next few days to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Trish Marchant, Energy and Environment Manager at the trust, explained: “NHS Sustainability Day of Action is a joint initiative promoted by the University College London Hospitals and the NHS Sustainability Development Unit. It is designed to raise awareness of sustainability issues within the health service and to encourage people to make small changes to have a big impact on our environment.

“To mark the day we chose to plant trees to demonstrate our commitment to the NHS Forest. We will be supporting this to a greater extent in the autumn through a local tree planting scheme where our staff, visitors and patients will be able to sponsor trees. We are currently liaising with local partners to finalise a suitable site for our own woodland.”

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