Frenchay Village Nature Reserve was once part of the Cake Estate. It was donated to the NHS after World War I, and a hospital was built on the land.

The land is still owned by the North Bristol NHS Trust, but will be gifted to the local community and Parish Council to extend their green space and to continue the conservation work of the area.

Recently, the old clay-lined pond was restored. Meadows have been created surrounding the woodland, and an allotment has been planted with support from NBT and the NHS Forest’s Nature Recovery Ranger.

There are a large number of ash trees in the woodland and surrounding area, with many trees of the same age and little to no understory. It is hoped that by planting NHS Forest trees, they will be enable the woodland to regenerate. The new trees will also be used to expand and join up the areas, increase the species present, and enhance the footpaths for the public and the hospital’s service users. In 2022 the NHS Forest donated 490 trees for this purpose.

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