At the Becton Centre for Children and Young People Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in Sheffield, nine trees were planted in 2021. Patients, staff and Green Team members were all involved with planting, and the centre produced educational resources to accompany the tree planting.

Phillip Branford, the Environmental and Sustainability Officer, said: “Trees are our most important natural ally as they absorb carbon dioxide, the gas that’s most responsible for climate change. We also wanted to encourage more wildlife around the site and trees are a big help with this.”

There are also plans for a wildflower meadow at the Becton site.

Tree planting at Becton Centre - Sheffield Children's Hospital 2021
Tree planting at Becton Centre – Sheffield Children’s Hospital 2021. All rights reserved.

In 2022, 200 more trees were planted and the story was picked up by local media, for example in the Sheffield Star.

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