Green space and health day CSH's Sustainability School

Green space contributes to prevention through increasing physical and mental wellbeing and offers people therapeutic benefits for recovery from illness. Research from around the world demonstrates that a 'Green Prescription' can deliver physical and mental health benefits for patients and this is increasingly being used by healthcare professionals.

This course is part of our CSH Sustainability School and explores the evidence, showcases examples of green prevention and therapy and illustrates how you can integrate this into your own practice. Aimed at healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care including those working in mental health, rehabilitation, diabetes or musculoskeletal conditions and who want to look after their staff and manage services differently.

The course has 3 parts:

Part I. Self-study preparation: Two weeks before the workshop begins, we will send you a package of interactive study material to dip into. Use this package to brush up on your background knowledge in your own time. Reflect on what you’d like to get from the course and think about projects you might want to seed in your own setting.

Part II. Workshop: The 4-hour session will be conducted remotely over a video conferencing platform.

Part III. Work-in-progress presentations: A few months after the workshop you will have an opportunity to share your work and receive further advice from peers and facilitators.
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