Blackbird Leys Health Route

It appears the Blackbird and Greater Leys team, the estate’s otherwise cool and ever resilient residents, is under performing when it comes to health, fitness and life expectancy. Compared to other areas of the city far too many Leys folk are being sent off long before the end of the game, or are spending the second half stuck on the bench with debilitating illnesses; only able to watch while others play. Join our green health route to give your health a boost and discover green spaces and nature to help you relax.

In 2017 The Centre for Sustianable Healthcare recieved funding from the Big Lottery Fund and Tescos Bags of Help to set up and run a green health route in Blackbird Leys. We have desigend 4 walking routes in the area that take your from your local healthcare centre, or community centre around the Balckbird Leys estate and into the three lovely green parks the area has to offer.

Working with local primary schools - Orchard Meadow primary school and the Pegaus primary school, we have taken school children out on walks to their local area. The GP practice has also recieved maps to support active travel and the Blackbird Leys summer fair feautred the project as well.

We are luck also that the GoActive team are leading regular volunteer led walks so if  residents would like to take part in a group walk, go along! The group meets every Monday from 11am-12pm at the Clockhouse.

We would like to thank the residents of Blackbird Leys who have taken part in the project, Oxford United in the Community, the Blackbird Leys Healthcentre, the community centre, local primary schools and the Oxford City Council localities and greenspace teams.

We would also like to thank the Big Lottery Fund and the players of the National Lottery for their valued support without which this project would not have been possible. Equally, we are very grateful to the Tescos Bags for Help scheme which has accelerated this project even further.