Dwyfor Leisure Centre/Canolfan Hamdden Dwyfor

Dwyfor Leisure Centre is part of the Exercise Referral Scheme in Gwynedd, North Wales, where GPs prescribe exercise for patients. As part of the scheme there is a community garden outside the leisure centre where fruit and vegetables are grown. The idea behind it is that not all those who are referred to the exercise programme are fans of the gym or swimming, so the garden project gives these people an alternative activity out in the open air. They also learn about how to grow their own and about the different fruits and vegetables and how they can cook them. It is a very sociable venture and has improved the appearance of the leisure centre immensely. A polytunnel has also been installed to increase the garden’s potential for growing crops.

Two bird cherries were planted at 2 o'clock on NHS Sustainability Day 2014.

2018 Update:

The garden at the leisure centre has now be re-named the Edible Madog Maethlon, part of the Incredible Edible group.

A team of 3 - 7 volunteer gardeners maintatin this garden, usually from March to November. The team have said: " we always have positive feedback when we are there, people find it uplifting it seems to have a lovely food garden there rather than irregularly maintained grass"

The garden has been enlarged to include 2 other grassy areas and there are plans to garden around the whole car park (3 other areas) and move into other unloved spaces in the town. 


Tree count: