CSH's NHS Forest sites planting 2 trees at 2 o'clock on NHS Sustainability Day

Several NHS sites planted two trees at 2 o'clock - 2@2 - to mark NHS Sustainability Day 2016, on March 24th. The NHS Forest sites include: Broadgreen Hospital, part of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust; Darent Valley Hospital, part of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust; Guernsey Healthcare planted a tree in front of Princess Elizabeth Hospital and are a new NHS Forest site; and Gloucester Care Services NHS Trust, who planted 10 trees. North Middlesex Hospital planted trees for 2@2 as well, and this site has also won the London Garden Society Award for Large Gardens in the London Hospitals Competition. These hospitals took part in 2@2 as part of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare's NHS Forest project, which helps healthcare organisations make greenspace at NHS sites available for people's wellbeing.