Chain Power Reaction System supports the NHS Forest!

The most healthy and environmentally friendly way to power your event. Chain Reaction Power Systems hire out complete professional pedal powered Public Address (PA) loudspeaker systems suitable for speeches, bands, Djs, or with a projector for a pedal powered Cinema! These systems are custom built to be uniquely efficient, allowing a small amount of peddling on the bike generators to produce a very good loud and clean sound. The events we serve benefit from very quiet fume free power generation allowing the audience to hear the acts without the background humm and smell of a diesel generator. While the air stays fresh, free of fossil fuel fumes. These systems can be very loud, cutting through the ambient sound level at larger events and can and do cater for up to 2000 people! Reliability is built into the system with larger events using up to 6 bike generators for maximum reliability and power whatever the weather! Because of the efficiency of the system our bikes can be setup with an easy gearing system so you don't have to be a hardcore cyclist generate power. The sound system can be combined with some of the energy displays as detailed on the website for a child friendly educational benefit. The energy displays and games can also be taken to schools or parties on their own with a fun but educational lesson on electricity, where people get to experience what it feels like to try to power a light bulb or TV etc.

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