Art is exciting and engaging and is an essential component of the natural world. The use of art in the NHS Forest is a great way to involve staff, patients and local community with the project and should be available for all to access.

Art within the NHS Forest could include:

  • Art therapy for patients (using the woodlands to inspire and display their work)
  • Storytelling in the forest using the trees as one element
  • Maps by the local school/community showing routes through the forest
  • Benches made by local artists
  • Sculptures marking a route through the forest
  • Making a feature of the food crops through inclusion of art work from local schools
  • Activity days involving woodland craft
  • Wish Trees - could have a health and climate related theme.

If you would like some more information about how to involve the role of art within your local NHS Forest or would like to add a suggestion of an activity that could be incorporated, please contact the NHS Forest Coordinator: Sarah Dandy