Airedale Hospital Trust

Airedale hospital joined the NHS Forest in 2009 as a pilot site. Tree planting in 2009 was just the start of the great work at the site with more trees being planted as well as a dementia garden being established in subsequent years.

The Airedale Hospital site is a relatively developed site in terms of both buildings and services. It includes an A&E Department and a maternity ward. It treats 25,000 inpatients, 26,000 non-elective patients and 150,000 outpatients each year with the help of 2900 staff and 400 volunteers. Tree cover is relatively sparse, although throughout the site are a number of older trees including oak and sycamore, protected with Tree Preservation Orders. There are several larger areas of open ground to the west of the site, including helicopter landings, agricultural fields and reinstated grassland used during the recent development of on-site accommodation units.

This planting scheme will

  • -Improve aesthetics of the area
  • -Develop a landscape which is easier to maintain
  • -Increase carbon dioxide absorption
  • -Improve biodiversity and tree coverage on site
  • -Involve local schools and community groups in the planting
  • -Deliver potential health improvements
  • -Increase understanding of work of the trust

Airedale Hospital trust took part in planting 323 trees for NHS Sustainability Day 2014.

In April 2014, it began building a dementia garden as part of an integral part of a dementia ward garden design. The first phase was completed in August. NHS Forest has written up a case study on the dementia garden for anyone wishing to replicate this idea. Meanwhile, Airedale Hospital is our site of the Month for July 2014.

In 2015, Airedale took part in planting 2 trees @ 2pm for NHS Sustainability day. 

Tree count: