Take a photo of your favourite NHS forest tree: Sustainable Health and Care week 2018

Do you think we need more trees near our hospitals, surgeries and health centres? Then join us in celebrating the trees of the healthcare sector! Take a photo of your favourite NHS tree and post it to our twitter @NHSForest ...remember to use the hashtag #SHCWeek18! or email us at info@nhsforest.org

This week is Sustainable Health and Care Week! Between the 25th-29th of June lots of intiatives and events will be taking place across the NHS to encourage greater environmental sustainability.

If you're interested in the work we've been doing on this, check out the NHS Forest sites, the Green Ward competition and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

*Note- in the past we've always encouraged people to plant 2 trees at 2 o'clock. However, this year Sustainable Health and Care week falls in the summer, which is no time to be planting trees. We hope you can enjoy it in other ways!