Sustainability and Evidence

An essential mark of the success of the NHS Forest will be its long-term legacy. This project is not just about planting trees in the ground but about engaging people with their immediate environment by jointly creating space that will be used and continually improved by staff, patients and the local community.

A sense of ownership of the NHS Forest by all these groups will help to ensure its survival.

We have identified several ways in which people can be encouraged to get involved in using the NHS Forest. This includes the role of art, food crops and woodfuel.

While several sponsors provide core funds to establish the project, the financial sustainability of the project into the future will be helped by a tree sponsorship scheme. Patients, relatives and staff are able to purchase one or more trees to celebrate (a birth or recovery), to commemorate (a person's life or service in NHS)and to say thank you to staff at the healthcare organisation for their care (see Sponsorship page).