Saddlebridge Recovery Centre

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Trust is a mental health trust providing services to adults, children and people with learning disabilities. Services include physical health advice and drug and alcohol. The site joined the NHS Forest in 2012.

Tree planting took place on the 29th February at the Saddlebridge Recovery Centre. 40 trees were planted in total and these trees were sponsored by the NHS Supply Chain who has offices local to the site.

The Saddlebridge unit has benefited hugely from the tree planting which has enhanced the healthcare environment for clients and staff. Tree planting also ties in well with the buildings' eco credentials as it has been designed to undertake both solar hot water and solar electricity generation.

Further tree planting of 100 trees, sponsored by the Great Outdoor Gym Company, took part in 2014 as part of NHS Sustainability Day of action.

10 trees were planted as part of NHS Sustainability Day of Action 2015 donated by the NHS Forest's tree sponsorship scheme.

Tree count: