Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

Julia Clarke, the Trust’s Director of Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development lead as patron planting 2 trees at 2pm in 2016

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is the main provider of acute medical care for half a million people in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and mid-Wales. This includes the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford and the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in Shrewsbury as well as other local services.

The trust took part in NHS Sustainability Day 2015 plantingtwo2 trees at the Princess Royal Hospital. The trees were donated by Boningdale Nursery. In the pictures taken from the day's tree planting are: Julia Clarke, Director of Corporate Governance and Tom Stabler, from Boningales Nursery.

The trust has created a series of gardens and wildlife areas for staff, patients and visitors to enjoy. As part of a previous NHS Sustainability Day they had the opportunity to have a free landscape design from Design with Nature who created eye‐catching designs for the two courtyards at the Princess Royal Hospital. The designs were based on the theme of a ‘Memory Garden’ and a ‘Garden of Reflection’. The focus of these gardens is to provide therapeutic outdoor spaces for patients living with dementia and those within the stroke rehabilitation unit.

2017 Update

On NHS Sustainability Day in March 2017, we planted over 1,000 whips of native species around the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital. This was thanks to teams of volunteers from public and private sector organisations as well as our staff, all coordinated through our Public Engagement team. We have also received tremendous long-term support for tree planting projects by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

2018 Update:

An additional 200 trees were at the Princess Royal Hospital with the help of our volunteers and Shropshire Wildlife Trust

On Tuesday 26 and Friday 29 June,  two trees were planted at 2 o’clock as part of our Sustainable Health and Care week celebrations. We planted a Cercis siliquastrum 'Judas Tree' and Gleditsia tricanthos 'sunburst' at both of our hospital sites. We have participated in the two trees @ 2 o’clock initiative for several years, with Julia Clarke, the Trust’s Director of Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development lead as patron.

Tree count: