Parks could be under threat if funding is cut!

Parks are potentially under threat if their funding is cut. The report makes a number of recommendations including:

  • renewed local authority commitment;
  • establishing new partnerships
  • getting communities more involved;
  • collecting and sharing new data and;
  • developing new finance models and rethinking delivery

The NHS Forest is a good example of a new model of public parks, invovles new partnership, involves the community, and collects and shares data. We're also feeding into the wider debate about public parks through our membership of working groups and networks- such as the Green Infrastructure Partnership and the Natural England working groups.

 Here at the NHS Forest we regularly collate and update our evidence section and feel it is an important resource, particularly for those of you who need to convince others as to the importance of creating the green space on your healthcare site.

Do keep us updated with any evidence that you have found that you think is important. We would love to hear from you. NHS Forest team