NHS Forest News -Issue #3

Welcome to the third edition of the NHS Forest newsletter for an update on news, events and resources to help you with planting the NHS Forest: growing forests for health. To find out more visit www.nhsforest.org

NHS Forest Launch at Falmouth Hospital


On the 18th March 2011, the NHS Forest at Falmouth was launched by Dick Strawbridge, of "Its not easy being green". Tree planting and benches will provide an area for rest and relaxation for patients, staff and the local community. Students from XXX attended the launch and will be using the forest as a green classroom.


Royal Chesterfield Hospital



 Sponsor a Tree-



At Bradford xxxx, members of the board, keen to support the NHS Forest sponsored the number of trees used in a year. Why don't you get your colleagues to do the same.

We are always looking for new ways to promote sponsoring a tree and are currently promoting the NHS Forest to companies that organise events for healthcare providers. Sponsor a tree per delegate at a conference. Do suggest this to those you meet.


Upcoming events:

-Orchards, past, present and future event. Wednesday 20th July at Homme House, Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

- The Outer Space project, a sister project to the NHS  Forest, focusing on Community Engagement is to be launched this month.

If you are holding any tree-planting events or launching a new NHS Forest site then contact us

Forest News - how many trees have you planted so far?

Welcome to all the new sites that have joined us, and thank you for supporting the NHS Forest. 

The current tree count is 3302, but there are even more trees in the ground that still need to be registered, so please update your tree counter to help us reach our target of 1.3 million trees. 

With summer just around the corner there is the perfect opportunity to hold a summer fete or open day to show case your NHS Forest. Do share any seasonal activites you may be upto at your NHS Forest