NHS Forest Newsletter - Issue #1

Pilot phase a huge success

After a successful pilot phase, the main phase of the NHS Forest is now in full bloom. To find out more about the pilot phase you can read the full report here



Forest news


The current tree count is 2631! So keep up the good work... we would love to hear how you are getting on, so please,  tell us how many trees you have planted or you can update your tree counter to help us reach our target of 1.3 million trees.

We are able to help 10 sites with their fundraising over the next 6 months. Would you like to be one of them?


NHS Forest to plant 65,000 trees
as part of 'The Big Tree Plant'


The NHS Forest will work with partners to plant 65,000 trees as part of the new national tree-planting campaign, The Big Tree Plant.

We want at least 25 hospitals to join us in planting trees across the NHS estate, so if you are interested then please contact us


NHS Forest praised in new
public health white paper 

The Campaign for Greener Healthcare have been praised for the NHS Forest project in the latest public health white paper Healthy lives, healthy people: our strategy for public health in England. 

You can read the full article here


Send us your photos


We have added a photo gallery option so you can add as many pictures as you like. Login to your NHS Forest page to use the gallery feature or send us your tree planting photos.

Our theme this month is snow. Please do send any pictures you would like to share. The best of which will be displayed on our website.