NHS Forest 2015 Awards


NHS Forest Awards

The criteria for each of the awards categories are:

  • You need to be registered with the NHS Forest
  • Each entry should be no more than one side of an A4 piece of paper
  • Please use the questions below to guide your answers
  • Please start with a brief summary of your project
  • Quotes and accompanying photographs to enhance your submission are allowed in addition to the one page
  • Please submit your entry by Monday, 8th September.

If you would like to enter, but haven’t registered your site as an NHS Forest, please do so here

Awards Categories

Most number of trees planted

This is decided upon by NHS Forest based on the most number of trees planted on one site in the past year.

Most Innovative Site

What have you done that is new and different?
How did you do it?
Who benefited?
What impact has it had?

Best Community Engagement

How many different communities have engaged on the site?
How have you engaged the community? What did you do?
Who benefited and roughly how many?
What has been the impact?

Most Pioneering Use of Green Space by a Healthcare Professional

What did you/they do?
How did you/they set it up?
Who did you involve?
Who does the project benefit?
What difference has it made?

Please send your entry to Sarah Dandy by Friday, 11th September.