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  • Acorn collecting by school children at Birmingham Pilot Site

    Birmingham Orthopaedic Hospital organised for children at a nearby primary school to carry out acorn collecting on the 5th October 2009. It was a highly successful event with local children taking away acorns to plant at their school. The following year it is hoped that there will be a number of saplings to put into the ground at the hospital.

  • Launch of The NHS Forest

    Tue, 2009-10-06 11:00 to 14:30

    The NHS Forest Launch is to be held to celebrate the NHS Forest and to showcase the work carried out so far at the pilot sites around the country. It will provide the publicity and impetus for Trusts throughout the UK to sign up to the scheme.

    The NHS is realising that sustainability is part of the core business of the health service rather than a green add-on.  It is one of the biggest resource users and carbon generators in the UK and there are many efforts underway both nationally and locally to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • NHS Forest launch!

    he Launch of the NHS Forest will be at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital on Tuesday 6th October.  Anyone working in healthcare, a patient or from the wider community who is interested in the Forest is very welcome!