Lister Hospital

Lister hospital is a district general hospital and part of the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. The hospital has a series of general wards supported by critical care and provides services such as urology, radiology and pathology. The hospital joined the NHS Forest in 2013 when they took part in tree planting on NHS Sustainability Day.

We planted a copper and a purple birch on NHS Sustainability day 2013, which were very kindly paid for by Dalkia. As we had a few initiatives running on the day, we managed to get our local MP, Steven McPartland to get involved.

In the pictures are Steven McPartland, Mick Riley from Dalkia, and Stephen Posey, the Trust's Director of Strategic Development.

The hospital planted 18 trees as part of NHS Sustainability Day 2015 on the 26th March.

Tree count: