Farm near Baldock GP surgery

This site was part of the NHS Forest's pilot phase and was organised by a GP from Baldock GP surgery with staff from this healthcare team taking part in the tree planting. The tree planting took place in 2009.

On the 7th March 2009 tree planting took place on a Hertfordshire farm by the Primary Care Team staff at Baldock GP Surgery. 30 trees were planted for staff at this surgery, 144 for delegates and organisers of the 2008 National Conference of the UKCEA hosted by the Department of Postgraduate General Practice of the East of England Strategic Health Authority, 65 for staff for the staff at the Endoscopy Unit at the East and North Herts Trust and 80 trees to give thanks to staff at the Intensive Cardiothorasic Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford who cared for a relative of the organiser of the event. The tree planting was organised for a Saturday morning with breakfast provided for staff members who attended, many of which were so enthused by the day that they have continued to visit the site to check progress of the tree growth.

On the 7th March 2015 a further 607 trees were added to the site This time the 607 trees are made up of:

  • 290 trees to represent the 290 GP trainees appointed to Health Education East of England in 2014,
  • 230 trees to represent all who work at Victoria House for Health Education East of England, and 87 trees to represent each year of the life of Dr Elizabeth Castell who died recently.

Health Education East of England won the award at the NHS Forest Conference 2015 for the most amount of trees planted this planting season. Congratulations!

Tree count: