For an ‘average’ site, the Woodland Trust recommends planting young transplants 45-60 cm or 60-80 cm tall

About 2 years. Bigger ones cost more and are harder to establish but give a more instant result.

By planting well back from buildings. As a rough rule the spread of roots is the same as the spread of a trees crown at maturity.

As many as you want though typical densities range from 1000 to 2500 trees per hectare.

Not really though our partners will provide advice for larger sites.

There is no minimum commitment and sites planning to plant a single tree are welcome to be part of the NHS Forest

Both the TCV and the Woodland Trust have online tree shops where you can buy individual or packs of trees, along with reputable growers advertised in forestry journals and on the web.

For the first 2-3 years the vegetation within 1m of the tree needs to be killed. Other routine maintenance may be needed.

Spiral rabbit guards wrapped around the trunk, set into the ground and supported by a cane are very successful in keeping rabbits from damaging saplings. Individual trees can be protected from deer by erecting a cage around each tree or protecting an area with deer fencing.

Plant during the winter period and keep young trees free from weeds, protected from rabbits and deer, and watered during dry periods if possible.  Be careful not to allow tree roots to dry out during planting.

The Plant Your Own Wood area of the Woodland Trust website provides guidance on what species to plant. Look at what is growing well in the surrounding area.