Ecosia- mental health awareness week #growyourlove

This week Ecosia is supporting mental health awareness week and are keen to promote experiences of nature from our front line key workers. If you have 5 minutes we would love to hear from you, please could you send your responses to 

1. How do you feel after or during a particularly busy or difficult shift? It varies... drained / exhausted; relieved; sometimes enthused and energised when I have managed challenge well.
2. How do you feel this challenging period has impacted your mental health? Periods of increased anxiety and stress, although this is often the case in healthcare.  I have had some opportunity to refocus on being at home and re-prioritise a little.
3. How do you feel when you're in nature? Has this period changed how you experience nature? (We invite you to share any memories, moments of time spent in nature) Calm; Connected; a sense of wonder.  My favourite places and activities all involve nature. I deliberately choose to exercise outside because I recognise the importance of this.
4. How do you feel our initiative to plant trees around hospitals will make a positive difference to staff's mental and physical wellbeing? “  I think any endeavour to increase accessibility to nature for NHS staff and patients is a fantastic idea.  It will increase opportunities to use nature to create calmness and to escape from the busyness and stress of working in healthcare.  Thank you for your work.

Each Thursday in May Ecosia will be sponsoring trees in the NHS Forest and Trees for Cities for every search carried out. So get searching and #growyourlove. 

To sponsor a tree in the NHS Forest please click here