The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare walk their local green health route for NHS Sustainability Day!

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare team walks the local green health route they helped to create on NHS Sustainability Day, demonstrating their commitment to creating and using green space for health.

An essential component of the charity’s NHS Forest project is the creation of green space and health walks from GP surgeries to encourage green prescriptions and engage the local community in getting outside, using and enjoying their local green space.
CSH has set up a number of health walks in the UK, with their most recent being in Marston, Oxford. Thanks to a grant from Awards for All and other generous donors the Centre has created a series of maps, signs and posters, engaging with local GPs, community groups and also Go Active at Oxford City Council who run a volunteer walk programme.

“We wanted to get out there and walk the talk! The team at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is committed to practising what it recommends for others, and NHS Sustainability Day is a chance to do something new.  This year, we are walking the local green health route which takes in a couple of nature reserves and will be a chance to test each other on spring flowers!”    Rachel Stancliffe, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

"As a Board member for Parks, Sports & Events I'm pleased to support the Marston Green Health Route, as their are several health benefits. This walking route can be a form of leisurely exercise, an excuse for a good conversation, and more importantly a good way to connect with nature and a chance to see what's in your neighbourhood." Mark Lygo, Councillor Mark Lygo,, Oxford City Council and City Executive Board Member for Parks - Sports - Events.

For more information about the NHS Forest project and our health walks