The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has joined the 2.6 Challenge

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) has joined the 2.6 Challenge, a nationwide fundraising campaign launched in response to COVID-19 to save the UK's Charities.

Any funds raised by CSH is being used to buy trees to plant at our 190+ NHS Forest sites across the UK. These will enhance natural outdoor spaces at hospitals and health centres, allowing people to enjoy green space at NHS sites for therapy, rehabilitation and relaxation.

This is particularly important right now, as the spread of COVID-19 is naturally causing high levels of stress and anxiety amongst doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. The British Medical Association has reminded NHS staff of the importance of looking after each other, as well as their patients, and has advised staff to call on tried and tested coping strategies, such as taking a break in fresh air.

Our NHS Forest sites are perfect as outdoor sanctuaries and oases of calm at this hectic time. Studies show that green space is soothing to the senses, and being in a natural environment can help people to manage their stress levels. This is particularly important for NHS workers at the present time, as having NHS Forest green spaces immediately accessible at their hospitals offers them a safety valve to cope with the inevitability of workplace stress.

We are very grateful to have received support from people completing their 2.6 Challenges as well as the many people who have made donations. We have a waiting list of sites keen to plant trees, so the money from our 2.6 Challenge will ensure that NHS hospitals have even more trees to enhance their green spaces – THANK YOU!

The CSH team have also taken up the challenge, and we're all walking 2.6 miles in green space near to our homes (whilst observing with government guidelines, of course!) Please do check out @NHSForest on twitter to see the photos that the CSH team have taken of nature along the way - we're aiming for 26 beautiful photos in keeping with the Challenge theme, and have included a few above.