Bradford Royal Infirmary

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust planted 60 NHS Forest trees for NHS Sustainability Day on 26 March 2015. Supported by chairman Professor Lord Kamlesh Patel and chief executive Professor Clive Kay, the gardeners and sustainability manager Ian Buckle were helped in the planting by Project Search interns. Project Search is an annual programme that provides internships in various roles within the Trust for people with learning difficulties moving from education into the workplace. The tree planting event encouraged one of the Project Search students to take up an internship with the trust gardeners and perhaps embark on a new career.

The planting at Bradford Royal Infirmary was a significant step towards creating a woodland walk where patients and staff can reap the health benefits of green spaces. Having access to wooded green spaces has been shown to reduce stress and improve patient recovery rates as well as lock away carbon from the atmosphere into the trees.

In 2016, Bradford Royal Infimary planted a further 60 trees to join their woodland. The trees were sponsored by the Great Outdoor Gym Company.

Tree count: